Comic strip logoFive Go mad in DorsetEdit

Five go mad in dorset was the first comic strip presents it featured Peter Richardson, Adrian Edmondson, Dawn French and Jenifer saunders it was a parody of the famous kids book series Five go mad in....

The plot is as follows

Julian (Richardson), Dick (Adrian Edmondson), George (Dawn French), Anne (Jennifer Saunders) and their dog Timmy investigate the disappearance of their Uncle Quentin (Ronald Allen). Daniel Peacock and Robbie Coltrane also made appearances, this was coltranes first television role.

The film also portrayed Uncle Quentin as a "screaming homosexual" and his wife Fanny as an "unrelenting nymphomaniac", as well as strongly implying a homosexual relationship between Dick and Julian and a bestial one between George and Timmy

In addition, much was made of the children's apparently racist and extreme right-wing views A reference to the controversy that has retrospectively haunted Blyton's work. Despite all of this, however, Blyton's estate were said to have "loved" the film.200px-Fivegomad